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Concrete Age Artworks | Richard Marks Design
images of Fireplace and Wall Panels

Fireplace and Wall Panels

  • fireplace color shown: dark charcoal
    wall paneling color shown: natural concrete
  • fuel source: denatured alcohol - burns clean, no venting, no chimney, no soot or carbon (more)

alt. views: 1 2 3

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fire box includes .5" steel plate heat sink

display box features recessed lighting

estimated weight: 700 lbs

wall paneling features threaded anchors integrated in concrete to provide means of hanging artwork, frames, plasma television, etc



cast monolithicaly (one piece including fire box and display box)

sits 12" off floor

estimated weight 700 lbs

wall paneling: three panels (32" x 96" x 1.5") create 96" x 96" wall