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Concrete Age Artworks | Richard Marks Design
Concrete Care

Day-to-day care: Use a neutral pH cleaner.
Never use abrasive methods or acidic/caustic cleaners. Contact with such chemicals should be thoroughly rinsed with water immediately.

Long-Term Maintenance: Concrete Age products are delivered and installed already carrying multiple applications of sealant. We recommend, use and provide a sealer with the installation of the project that is environmentally safe, virtually odorless, and simple to apply.

Reapplications of sealer may vary with household use or environmental situations. Our recommendation is a proactive one. For the first two years apply sealer at quarterly intervals. This frequency may be more than necessary, but your concrete can only benefit from reapplications of sealer. You may find that annual or biannual applications may be sufficient in subsequent years. If preferred, one of our technicians can be scheduled to provide sealer applications for you.

Sealer application: Sealer should be applied when counter tops are clean and dry. A lamb's wool pad makes for a great applicator. Apply sealer in an amount that saturates the concrete surface but not so much that it pools or puddles. Once saturated, you do not need to apply additional sealer. Return to your starting point and with the lamb's wool pad wipe in circular motions massaging the sealer into the concrete. Repeat this cycle three to four times or until you begin to notice the concrete "drying off" in spots. Complete the process by wiping the concrete with paper towels, removing any streaks or unevenness of sealer. Allow about one hour for final air dry.