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Concrete Age Artworks | Richard Marks Design
Concrete History

Richard Marks began using concrete as a sculpture medium while studying industrial design in the early 1970s. Intrigued by the organic qualities inherent in the material, he continued exploring concrete in his personal work while consulting and designing professionally.

Ten years later, commissioned to design a table for the reception area of a photography studio, Richard created his first commercial concrete project and the beginning of what would become Concrete Age Artworks.

Serving as a display area for an antique cigar humidor, the table was solid yet understated - designed and delivered for $500. Keep in mind this was 1983, when garden center concrete statuary rarely cost more than $100 and the material was primarily associated with sidewalks, bridges and buildings.

Inspired by the success of the piece, Richard continued producing concrete tables - always looking for innovative ways to improve the process and develop better, more refined molds.

By the third prototype, color pigments were added to the mix, spawning 23 more varieties over the next year. Although popular with a handful of clients and his family and friends, it became apparent concrete design - albeit beautiful and striking - was still far from being recognized by the consumer as a fashionable and viable interior design component.

Determined to prove the possibilities of concrete and inspire consumers to think beyond Formica™ laminates and butcher block tops, Richard continued defining and advancing the natural substrate throughout the 80s, exploring new forms and finishing processes with the hopes of bringing concrete to the forefront of high-end interiors.

In 1990 Richard Marks produced his first kitchen countertop for a client and in doing so became one of the industry's first commercial concrete countertop studios. Always looking to infuse art and design into even the smallest, most straightforward project, the shop became known across the US for pioneering vision, innovative design and superior craftsmanship.

While Concrete Age Artworks continues to build on its expansive consumer product line, Richard established RMD (Richard Marks Design) to work exclusively with architects, engineers, commercial developers and interior designers on large-scale projects including sustainable construction and architectural installation.